Wearing your Brooch

Hallo dearies!. Hope you’re doing great and how is the tomato struggle?๐Ÿ˜‚. So, let’s roll into what I have for you today. Brooches!!! yipee๐Ÿ™Œ:).
Brooches have always been an essential part of ladies wardrobe. They are vintage pieces that are fastened to clothing and other accessories with a hinged pin or clasp which is like a magic touch from a fairy godmother, it either can make you look stylish or foolish. Brooches come in various sizes and designs and are produced from various materials like sea shells, crystals, feathers and so on. So, follow me as I unveil the mysteries of brooches ;).

1. Shirt
Looking to complete the look?
Place a medium sized geometric brooch near the collar of your shirt, to join both ends of the fabric.



2. Hat or Beret
Re-define the look of your hat by picking your favourite brooch and sticking it onto your plain-coloured hat to create a signature piece that looks great.




3. Scarf
Scarves are known for their versatility of wearing: tie your hair, cover your head or even your neck.



4. Lapel
This is a traditional place to wear brooches. It is the most versatile place to put pieces of any type, size or colour. Let your imagination go wild and your personality shine!.


Other ways to wear a brooch
1. Affix to your clutch or bag.
2. Attach it to your hair bands.
3. Pin it to your shoes.
4. Affix to your bracelets.
5. Pin it to your skirts.
6. Pin a brooch at the bottom of a V-neck.

One thing is for sure – a brooch will make you stand out.
So get yourself a good collection and you will be prepared for any occasion. If you don’t already own any brooches, it’s never late to start one and don’t forget its all about your style ‘n’ you.


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