Must have dresses for plus-sized ladies

Hello darlings!!!😘 how is life and am glad my Muslim fellas found the moon 🌚😹, happy celebration lovelies 🎆🎇. So, this write-up is for my lovely plus-sized dolls remember, it’s important to have classic staples especially when you’re a curvy girl but before starting off with this list of style tips, make sure you fully embrace and start to love your curves then fashion will do the rest by helping you hide your small problem areas and enhancing all your best assets. Never forget God did not make a mistake creating you that way so be happy 👊.

1. Pencil Skirt

For a heavier midsection, a not-too-tight pencil skirt will do the trick as this will give you a sexy silhouette and it should start at the waist and stop at the knee or right below the knee. Also, avoid low-waist skirts as this will cut your figure, attracting attention am sure you know what I mean ;).


2. Fit and flare dresses

In days of doubt, my dear a fit and flare dress would always have your back as it fits any body type and would make you look extremely stunning.


3. Cardigan

Babe, you definitely should have loads of lightweight cardigans or cover-ups that you can throw over a t-shirt and jeans or a dress. It could be cropped-sleeve, sleeveless or long-sleeved just ensure you get several options in solid dark and light colours.

4. Peplum

Do you know that you can wear a peplum dress and still go wrong?. The trick is to find the right type of peplum that flares out in just the right spot (where you’re the skinniest) and ends at just the right spot (so you’re not drawing attention to your least favorite area). Try on different peplum tops and dresses before you purchase, to see what fits right for you.



5. Wrap dress

This is very easy to wear and always flattering!. Wrap dresses give an elegant look and is great to hide your belly while it also make your curves prominent. Choose one in a light and drapery fabric that will skim flawlessly over your curves ;).



6. A- line skirt
If you carry weight on your lower side, go for an A-line skirt that will show off your small waist and skim over your hips and thigh, falling comfortably to just below the knee which  will balance out the silhouette and create an hourglass.
Image credit: Instagram

Style Tips


  • Go for darker colours as they are more forgiving. When you are ready and more confident, gradually introduce brighter colours into your wardrobe and in no time, you will evolve to become the fashionista plus-sized fashdoll you are!😍.
  • Always make sure that you wear the proper undergarments. Nothing is worse than having the perfect outfit but not having the right foundation to pull it off.
  • Choose dresses that have some structure to it.
  • Look for knee-length dresses instead of short ones except frocks and a-line dresses.
I hope you have learnt a thing or two. Don’t forget its all about your style ‘n’ you.



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