What does your watch say about you??? (guys special)

Hello sugars!💞 I hope you are doing great and how is the weather at your end? mine is really cold😨. So, today we are talking watches 🙌🕛🕧🕑*yipeeeee*

Fashion allows an individual to express the type of person he or she is. Even someone who disregards fashion inevitably makes a fashion statement; like it or not, personal style speaks volume about who you are, and whether it is expressed through a haircut, handbag or wristwatch – what you wear, how you wear it and why relays a lot of information about your personality.

Do you care to know what your watch says about you??? then let’s roll!!!

1. Rolex

Wearing a Rolex is safe and it means you are rich in the eyes of many😹 *for ur mind*,  you’ve got a little bit of money, but nothing interesting to say🙊. In a nutshell, what your watch says about you is that you’re not someone who is going to throw money away to follow the latest trend; instead, you’re somebody who values long-term investments, be it in physical things or relationships.


2. Casio

Anti – watch hipster, your playlist is filled with songs that has not be heard of, you are strictly analogue and claim your watch is vintage😯, but it is simply updated every six months *lmao*.

3. Patek Phillipe

 Dear horology snob, you so much like your family and want a nice watch, but decided to get one that looks boring but will be an excellent heirloom. You keep your collection in a safe, can spot a fake Rolex at 10 paces and will happily judge others on their Casio *nawa o*. It is also far and away the most coveted watch for a banker.


4. Hublot

My party freak, you are too busy chasing beings in skirt , your in-car sound system cost more than your car with you playing songs on highest volume. *hmmm* not to worry because it also means you are successful, stylish and appreciate the finest things in life.


5. Panerai

Wearing Panerai means you are an adventure seeker,  you’re not at all afraid to do whatever it takes to win. In business and in life, you are truly willing to dig in and give it your all. *respect*


6. Omega

Hmmm!  dear you are a practical, precise and dependable person. This watch is designed to carry its wearer through years of changing fashions without ever looking outdated, it stands the test of time.


7. Tag Heuer

You are seen as a bit trendy and style is important to you. With this on your wrist, you create and maintain a polished look.


Dear fashdudes, what your watches say about you matters, and wearing the right one can help you send an important message about who you are. Do not forget its all about your style ‘n’ you. Adios 👋.


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