How well are you pulling off your socks???

Hello fams!. I am here again o *in Nkechi’s voice* 😹. I guess you are doing just fine. So, my attention is still very much on the guys as I will be discussing socks *sombori shout hallelujah πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Ή.

As little attention is given to socks, it plays a big role in your outfit and speaks a lot about you. Also, do you know that certain colours of socks are for specific occasions???.
To ensure you aren’t undermining your style then these tips are for you.

1. Must I wear socks?
Am sure you have seen guys wearing outfits and not wearing socks but I will say you need to judge your outfit from your trouser, to your shoes and the upper part. The completion of this will determine if wearing socks is really needed. Also, there are cases where you can do without socks and never go wrong if you are able to pull it off.



2. Let your socks be in concordance with your trouser not your shoes.
When wearing a trouser, your socks should match with the shade of your trouser but this is not so in case of jeans as black socks is to jeans. Why you should wear socks that matches your trouser is that when you sit or take off your shoes you don’t distort your ensemble.

3. Stay clear from socks with shorts
Wearing socks with shorts is a big NO, it is total violation of socks rule, worst case scenario you then roll up😹😹😹 guy u be clown. FYI don’t even think about wearing socks with sandals πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™.


4. Wear dress socks with dress shoes
Wearing white socks with a dress shoe like Oxford is a big NO as white socks is for sports. Aside the fact that white socks is for sports, it also doesn’t match the refined style of your dress shoe, it will appear clownish. Dress socks are not as thick as athletic socks and gives your ensemble a more stylish look.


5. Don’t wear socks with holes
If your socks has gone bad then replace it. Wearing torn socks is a big disaster or maybe you think it won’t be noticed 😹 my dear, your shoe is the first thing people notice about you and if your shoe is noticed, so is your socks.

Dear, I guess you’ve learnt a thing or two, then make effort to rectify your flaws today and always remember its all about your style ‘n’ you.
Cheers πŸ‘‹πŸ˜˜.


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