My Sallah Vacation

Hello hons!!! It has really been a while. Happy celebration to all the Muslim fellas and I hope you never chop meat tire 😹😹😹. So, I would like to share my sallah experience with you guys. 

I fled from Edo state just to have a little time to myself and see someone I haven’t seen in a long time *winks* but I needed to make it memorable so I visited Agodi Garden in the great city of Ibadan.

 I actually consulted my everyday friend (Google) before visiting the place to know what to expect so I wouldn’t end up being disappointed and I wasnt!

I paid #500 as gate fee and the security asked for what was in my bag as cameras are not allowed and some other stuffs then I strolled in. My friend and I were actually the first set of people that got there at that time, we snapped, did sight seeing, sat to gist, stare at people 😹 and was seriously disturbed by ants it was really terrible I mean those ants :|.

It has the kids play area, pool, forest walk way, zoo, restaurant and bamboo kiosk where palm wine, asun, grilled fish, suya, popcorn, chicken ‘n’ chips drinks and noodles are sold. I ate suya and noodles sha😋 wasn’t so bad though as the noodles was marshy and I detest marshy noodles 😭.

 In all, it was a wonderful experience with those wonderful sight of God’s work, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this trust me.


So,  make sure you visit Agodi Garden when next you are in Ibadan. Ok bye! 👋


10 Replies to “My Sallah Vacation”

  1. how come we never saw the VISITEE (**in oyeleye’s voice) in the pics… I meant the other person… lol

    Really nice…. Sorry about those ants


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