Do u know what u wear on your head???

Good morning to you dear :). How was your night? and how is the heat struggle?. Without beating around the bush let’s get into what I have for you today.

I felt the need to talk about head-wears when a colleague asked me for the name of the head- wear I was having and I couldn’t give a definite answer, was a little embarrassed though. Fashion blogger 🙊lol.

So, I know am not the first and last person that would be caught up in that kind of situation. For those that are yet to be, and are definitely a head-wear lover I’m pleased to inform that am helping out *yay*

Here is a list of different head-wear images and their correct terminologies.

1. Bandanna

2. Bowler hat

3. Fedora hat

4. Floppy hat

5. Snap back

6. Beret

7. Panama hat

8. Bucket hat

9. Sun hat

10. Bobble hat

11. Fascinator

Image credit: Instagram

Before signing out, I would like to inform you guys that contributors are needed if you are interested, kindly send a mail to
Thanks.  Do have a great day👋.


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