Amazing 1 Year

Hello guys!!! 😊 How have you been? I’ve been doing well myself.

Today’s post is a little late but it is a double payload; my Blog’s anniversary and a sneak-peek at what I wore yesterday.

Yesterday marked a year thefashionaux started. Yipee!!!!!!!🙌. I will be sharing with you what I wore to work. 

Yesterday’s  outfit was quite formal (as always on monday) with a little dose of boyish and chic. I wore a peplum top, checkers pencil skirt, choker necklace, wrist watch, knitted bag, stud earrings and an Oxford shoe. 

It was comfortable as far as the weather was concerned, quite favourable and not so cold. 

As you can see, I matched my wrist watch with my shoe and my earring with my choker. 

I also played with colours judiciously by not straying away from the norm. For more clarity on that, check here.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you’ve  been inspired. Also, don’t forget to follow me on instagram @thefashionaux.

It’s all about your style ‘n’ you





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