My Lagos Experience 

Hey guys! It has really been a while. I’m so sorry, I’ve been super busy. 

So, I finally visited Lagos. Ohhhhh🙌😊 and I would like to share my adventure with you. 

It was a surreal experience at the “hyped Lasgidi”😜. I visited Ikeja, Surulere and Victoria Island (V.I). I must confess, I wasn’t disappointed as I had a taste of the yellow buses and of course the BRTs (Bus Rapid Transit) .

My final stop over was at Kilimanjaro Restaurant in Victoria Island, nice place to eat and a nice environment. The food was a little expensive but, you know, it’s V.I!!! 

Enjoy the pictures 

Until next time. Byeeeeeeeee!


6 Replies to “My Lagos Experience ”

  1. really? one fish!!!!! Am going ballistic right now….. one fish and small salad and its expensive??? See packaging ooo….. work of a brand. Buh me eating one eja dindin is absolutely mental.


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