What’s in your handbag???


Hello lovelies💞! How is life?. I hope you are doing great?. Its another girls session today, but not to worry guys you can as well pick the ones that are relevant to you *winks*.
What are those things you keep in your handbag?. Is it the “sukuu of yesterday’s agbado” or used cotton buds? 😂😂😂. Let’s check.
Below are necessities you must have in your handbag always.
1. Sewing kit/ safety pin
There are minute sewing kits that can enter your handbag. They contain needles, thread, buttons and safety pins. Who knows when your shirt will decide to show you pepper and you might be saving a soul from embarrassment.

2. Note book and pen
Yes technology has taken over but in a scenario when your phone battery percentage is zero what happens?. It’s advisable to have your note and pen because they  will save you when you least expect.

3. Hair pins/bands
It is useful in days of hot weather or breeze disturbance while driving. You can also be comforting the sister next door.



4. Sanitary pad
Imagine not having sanitary pad when your period starts (disgrace of the highest order). It is good to have it because you might be saving someone from disgrace.

5. Extra earrings
Imagine misplacing your earring. You either have a spare or you don’t. Chikena!

6. Deodorant
This is essential for those that have busy schedules. It will keep you fresh always especially when the weather is hot.

7. Mint sweet and gum
Having a bad breath after eating can be so embarrassing. It is important to always have these with you.

8. Cash
We say this is 21st century, all cashless. What if you misplace your ATM?. My dear, have a little naira with you.

9. Tissue
This comes handy in cases of cold and catarrh, when something spills on you, after using the toilet and so on.

10. Make-up kit
You don’t have to carry a big kit but the few cosmetics you can grab in a smaller kit is essential to constantly keep you radiant.

There are plenty more. Do you carry other things in your handbag? Feel free to let us know!!!


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